Cost-Saving Services Tailored to Meet
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Ocean Program


The SGSA has negotiated ocean freight contracts with several major steamship carriers. Through these contracts, the SGSA can offer reduced rates for full containers—up to 20% cost savings on ocean freight—as well as excellent transit times from Asia to the United States. The SGSA was formed to benefit companies and distributors that import from Asia. Our contract carriers offer multiple weekly sailings. As a customer, you can choose any or all of the several contracts the SGSA participates in on behalf of its customers. And, outside your agreement with the SGSA, you remain free to sign individual service contracts with any steamship company you choose.




Airfreight Program


The SGSA has negotiated an airfreight program with Panalpina to cover airfreight shipments from Asia. Our customers receive reduced rates on international shipments, saving up to 30% on shipping costs.

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Marine Cargo Insurance


The SGSA and AON Risk Services have developed an "All Risk Coverage" insurance program to meet the needs of importers and exporters in the sporting goods industry. This program covers both domestic and international shipments against physical loss or damage derived from external causes, plus risk of physical loss or damage caused by strike, riots, civil commotion, and war perils. Coverage is also available for cargo in storage. The SGSA/AON coverage can save shippers up to 50% vs. insurance obtained elsewhere.

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Consulting Services


The SGSA can assist with your domestic and international transportation needs, including U.S. Customs issues. The SGSA can provide analysis of distribution costs and suggest options for better cost containment in the moving and storage of goods.

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